Whether you need high quality clean voiceover WAV files, or a professional mix for your production with sourced and cleared music and/or special effects, I’m here to make that happen.

I mostly work from my acoustically treated studio but if required can organise studios throughout the capital which I can book and facilitate. In this case, fees will be charged and added to any invoice, transparent and clean.

My own studio is hardwired for remote direction and feedback from anywhere in the world, and I offer Source Connect, Session Link Pro or indeed Skype if you prefer. Or alternatively, you can simply get in touch, we can discuss the full overview of your project, needs and timeline – and simply sit back and leave me to deliver your finished files, on spec and on time. Feel free to request a quote or simply get in touch here.

voiceover recording booth closeup_voicekraft
Voicekraft post production workstation in Berlin closeup